Who is this Chick?

K. VanTassell

Hello All. My name is Katie VanTassell, and welcome to my attempt* at blogging. I am a 28-year-old** gal born and raised in South Louisiana and currently residing the fantabulous New Orleans area. The Hubs and I are raising two gorgeous pups, one fat and one smart, and a little grump nugget of a cat who has such a massive Instagram following that I’m sure I’ll do a post on him at some point. He’s hilarious. And he hates me. No kids yet for us, but one day I can only hope that The Hubs, and Child Protection Services, trusts me enough to let me raise little ones that I can adore and screw up in my own special way.


Anyway, this blog is made with love and trepidation and provides a space where we ladies of the world can comfortably inspire, be inspired, laugh, trade tips (and secrets if you’re into that sort of thing – I am), vent, and be ourselves. I vow to always be open and honest with you, and to share my passion on everything from beauty tips, fashion, fitness, travel, and whatever else you all may want to know, and always with a dash of humor and a piping hot side of guilt if the mood strikes me.

With Love and Here-Goes-Nothing,


K. VanTassell

*I say attempt because I really honestly have no idea what I’m doing here and this could be a total flop.

**I’m really 30 – see, totally open and honest