First Day of Fall (in the morbid heat of South Louisiana)


Ahh the first day of Fall. “Autum,” if you’re super classy. It marks the beginning of Pumpkin Spice everything, football, orange leaves, and a much welcomed crisp nip in the air.

Unless you live in South Louisiana. Here, it feels like a run-of-the-mill Wednesday in the ever so pleasant Tunisian sun. It was about 97º Farenheight, and the air so was so thick and wet I actually choked when I walked out of my front door at 7:00 am. But damn it if I wasn’t going to ring in the beginning of my favorite season with a little (pumpkin) spice of life. I decided to dress for the occasion by pairing my favorite white skinnies, a white tee from Target, OTK cowboy boots (from last year), a brown messenger bag (from last year), and a fun scarf.

I walked outside and almost collapsed. Boots and scarf came off. As did the jeans. I wore shorts and a tank top the rest of the day. And flip flops. End of story.

But when the time comes, the boots and scarf are going right back on my person and I will rock out (indoors) until the temperature decides to fully work with me on this one, which I’m guessing will be around the end of November.

Also, I love white after Labor Day. Will do a post on why I wear it all year ’round another time.

Hope you guys had a chance to actually wear fall clothes the whole day without fear of heat stroke.

With Love and Sweaty Armpits,



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